Gerhard Kluegl has been astonishing patients and doctors alike with his success in treating illnesses and chronic conditions. He travels extensively in Europe and makes frequent appearances on radio, television and internet interviews and demonstrations. He may be called an energy healer. He may be called a spiritual healer. He sometimes acts as a psychic medium while he's healing. What is astonishingly real about this man is his ability to locate problems, wounds and traumas, perhaps from a prior lifetime, and effect a healing without drugs, surgery, or even physical contact with his clients. 

He's been the subject of many films, documentaries and books in English and German, about this controversial subject. He estimates that he has performed over 10,000 aura surgeries, or psychic surgeries, to date. He's eager to work with physicians, physicists and scientists at every opportunity to unlock the secrets of his success, and most importantly, bring his methods into the everyday healing workplaces of hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and doctors' offices. He has cooperated with researchers at universities in Tucson, Arizona (USA) and Vienna, Austria and welcomes every scientific attempt to explain and duplicate his successful technique.

"DOWN THE AGES. Journey of a Healer" by Doris Schatz and Gerhard Kluegl relates the authors' first meeting and Gerhard's various trips to Arizona for the purpose of introducing this type of healing to people in the United States and to submit his healing methods to scientists at the University of Arizona for research purposes. Along the way he met some very interesting people and made some new discoveries. The authors were astonished to find a new area to research - psychic photography.